Sunday, January 23, 2011

Garden city college <=> Hebbal

There are no direct buses.
Get bus from Hebbal to Ramamoorthy Nagar /Tinfactory
Bus# 301-R, 500-DA, and 500-DB, 400, 400-E, 501-K, and 502-C

1) From Ramamoorthy Nagar (5Km) get and auto to Garden city college (you can get shared auto rickshaw)
2) If you get down at Tin Factory Get 317 series bus get down at T.C palaya gate. From T.C Palaya gate 0.5Km you can walk or get an auto rickshaw


  1. From Hebbal 500A,500AA,500D,500DA,500DE,500DB,D-5,C-3, 502A will go to Tin factory from where 317 will take to TC palya gate.

  2. Do any of these go near the physiotherapy clinics in Ontario? I'm out a ride and may need to take the bus.

  3. pl. tell me what is the direct bus from Tin Factory to Yeshwantpur Railway Station ? Thanks.